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Harley-Davidson - Genuine service

What is Genuine Service?

We put as much love into crafting your bike as you love riding it. And that passion for perfection doesn't stop when you ride it out of the dealership.

Like you, we like to go further.

We're dedicated to giving you the best riding experience for the lifetime of your bike. That means giving genuine service whenever you come back to see us as you clock up the miles.

It's important to keep seeing us to help maintain your bike in top condition ? and keep you safe. And only an authorised dealer will guarantee you're getting the supreme service you'd expect from us.

To us, maintenance is so much more than an oil change. Just as we take care and pride in the craftsmanship of your machine, an authorised dealer feels the same way about looking after it. They take as much pride in seeing your bike at its best as you do.

Trained to spot potential problems less-experienced techs may miss, as well as look at what your riding experience is and how it can be enhanced, a service with our dealers means you're getting the very best.

Our service is anything but routine.

Harley-Davidson - Genuine service

Why Authorised?

Freedom. That’s what your bike gives you, and that’s what you have when it comes to getting it serviced. It’s your life. And that’s exactly why we – and your bike – would appreciate you using an authorized retailer. With us, you know you’re in safe hands.

Your bike deserves the best, and that’s what only we can give you.

Just as when you buy a Harley, you know you’re getting the best craftsmanship, so it is when you come to an authorized retailer: you know you’re getting the best service.

Sure, you can go somewhere cheaper. But that’ll cost you in the long run. You can get someone to do it right, but they may not do it well. And nobody knows a Harley as well as an authorized retailer, one that has invested in bespoke training and has top of the range, specialist equipment at their disposal. Just let the facts speak for themselves. A master technician will have had least seven weeks of factory training and 60 months of experience, and they will own more than $20,000-worth of hand tools and tool cabinets.

Having these tools and know-how – straight from our factory – makes a big difference in not only the quality of work, but also the time taken to do it. Changing a tire with a motorized tire changer is a cinch, and leaves your expensive wheel blemish-free. An independent shop may use tire irons, which takes a lot longer and can leave scars you’ll need to have repaired. When you’ve invested love, thought and time into your ride, why leave it in lesser hands?

If you’re not quite convinced, here’s the clincher: our retail stores also have a direct link to the Motor Company, which means that unlike independent shops, they have access to factory service expertise and up-to-the-minute information on special tools, service issues and procedures.

You bought the best. Why compromise on keeping it that way?

Harley-Davidson - Genuine service

More than an oil change

If you think a routine service is little more than an oil change, you're in for a surprise. Think of it more as a full-body check at the doctors. Our people are testing more than your gears: they're inspecting, adjusting and lubricating dozens of items, as well as looking out for telltale signs of future problems. This way, they're making sure you're saving money in the long run ? and a long run is what we're all about.

It's all about personal service. It's all about your wants as well as the bike's needs: as well as asking if there is anything you want looking at closely, you'll be asked about comfort (yours and your passenger's); whether you have long trips planned, if you want to enhance your bike's look, and if you're happy with its sound and power.

It's a big job, and we put our hearts into it. Take a 1,000 mile service on a 2013 Touring model. We look at 23 areas and take more than 50 items, and then take it out on the road for a test. And this is the least complicated stage. As your bike clocks up the miles, we look at the leaks and squeaks as well: an oil weep, for example, could indicate a gasket or seal issue. At 24 months, for example, we'll be doing a brake fluid flush, and at 36 months, we're testing your battery health.

As you'd expect, the time it takes to complete depends on the bike's age, mileage, damage, and wear and tear. And like you, every bike is different: the more customised it is, the longer it's going to take to remove and replace to perform the service.

But it's not just the time you're paying for: it's the expertise and the equipment. Only our techs have access to the specific tools your Harley needs, only our techs have access to our factory information, updates and procedures, and only our techs have been trained to deal specifically with Harleys.

So, as you can see, our service is anything but routine.

Harley-Davidson - Genuine service

Service and accessory upgrades

  • Check for open recalls, product campaigns, trouble codes and engine management system upgrades
  • Check tightness of all critical fasteners
  • Road test - verify components and system functions

Harley-Davidson - Genuine service

Bike Walkaround

We give more than just routine service. We customise it. After all, everyone's different, just like your personalised Harley. So we take the time to talk to you about your riding experience and how it can be made even better.

We'll ask questions about your experience on the bike, your plans for long trips, and any particular areas you'd like to address.

For example, depending on your needs, you could have a chrome oil filter instead of a black oil filter, or SYN3? lubricant instead of H-D? 360 motor oil, or perhaps even a full motorcycle detail instead of the standard bike wash. It all depends on your personal needs.

Your service is the ideal time to add extras or upgrade parts ? after all, why pay twice for labour if you don't have to? Installing new custom brake rotors at the same time as replacing wheel bearings, for example, saves you the labour cost of having the wheels removed twice. The result? Fewer service visits mean more cash in your wallet, more time in the saddle, and the assurance that you're getting genuine motor parts and accessories.

When your next 5,000 miles service is due, you might want to consider items that will enhance your experience and complement your personal riding habits. How about:
  • A backrest to enhance comfort or Premium Touring Luggage to carry gear on a long trip
  • A windshield and fairing lowers to reduce the cold air blast and heated handgrips and seat to warm the body, which can extend your riding season
  • A cosmetic trim that matches the motorcycle and completes the look
  • A Screamin' Eagle? air cleaner, street-legal performance mufflers and a fuel injection revision to enhance power.
The choice is yours. We just want to give you maximum value and benefit so you can be back on the road safe, sound, and satisfied.