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Check Your Helmet23/04/2012


There’s no room for compromise with helmets. They’re a serious piece of safety gear and need to be carefully selected. You want it to look great, but protection is the primary concern. Whether you’re new to riding, or have worn helmets for years - here’s some important information to optimise your comfort and safety. 

When did you last check your helmet? 

Manufacturers and Helmet Safety Schemes recommend helmets be replaced every 3 to 5 years, depending on use. Glues, resins and other helmet materials break down over time, and hair oils, sweat, cosmetics and the sun’s UV rays can add to helmet deterioration. 

A helmet is designed for only ONE impact. If a helmet is dropped or suffers any impact, it should be replaced immediately. Any impact may fracture the outer shell or compress the impact absorbing liner. 



  • Expose a helmet to chemicals or excessive heat, as this may degrade the protective properties, even if damage is not visible 
  • Hang a helmet on a motorcycle’s mirror, turn signal or sissy bar, which may damage the impact absorbing liner 
  • Use solvents or chemicals to clean any part of the helmet or shield, as they can destroy protective coatings and compromise the structural integrity of the helmet 
  • Use a dry cloth to clean debris from a face shield as you might scratch the shield 


  • Before riding, be sure chin straps are tightened properly and not frayed 
  • Check that visor screws and the face shield are firmly secure 
  • Use mild soap and water to wash the outer shell 
  • Clean the shield with warm water and a wet, soft, lint-free cloth immediately after dirt accumulates 
  • Hand wash the internal liners with mild soap and allow to air dry 

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