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31/07/2014Performance Riding Denim

Harley-Davidson® Performance Riding Jeans are the most technically advanced motorcycle jeans on the planet. The secret is in their breathable ROOMOTO® lining: known as the World’s Strongest Fiber™, it provides twice the abrasion resistance at half the weight of traditional lining materials. The design took exhaustive research. The development required intense testing. But when protection is the bottom line, nothing less than the best in call will do.

01/10/2012Enhanced Rider Visibility

More and more riders are seeking gear with superior visibility for riding in low-light and nighttime conditions. 3M is the premier reflective material manufacturer in the marketplace, and we’ve partnered with them to develop Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® riding apparel with premium 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material.

10/09/2012VENTED Wind Splitter WINDSHIELD

MODEL P/Ns: 57400159 and 57400176
Harley-Davidson introduces a new Vented Wind Splitter Windshield. This custom-shaped windshield features an adjustable ventilation door, which reduces turbulence at the rider’s helmet by allowing air to flow through the windshield. With reduced turbulence, this short windshield provides the comfort of a larger windshield, plus it has an attractive, stylized shape that sets it apart from the crowd.

10/09/2012Suspension Products

Suspension is often one of the most overlooked areas that can affect the overall motorcycle riding experience. You want a smooth, supple ride and an excellent road “feel”. You want exceptional durability as well as options to customize for fit, function and style, You can get it all. Harley-Davidson suspension products go far beyond simple lowering kits. Harley-Davidson offers a wide range of suspension upgrade options that not only lower seat height for a better fit, but also improve performance and ride quality for better function, and they look good too!


Each person is unique. Overall height, arm reach, upper body length, and riding style all dictate a rider’s relationship to their bike’s controls. Add in the desire for a unique, custom look, and handlebar options multiply exponentially.

10/09/20124" Digital Speedometer and Analog Tachometer

New Expanded Fitment
Harley-Davidson is adding another new combination 4" Digital Speedometer and Analog Tachometer to our popular dual gauge product line. This new gauge brings its many custom features to an expanded fitment, including many more models. You can monitor engine speed, fuel level through a fixed segment display, gear indication, select custom color backlighting and more, without adding additional handlebar mounted gauges.

10/09/20125" Combination Analog Speedometer/Tachometer New Expanded Fitment

New Expanded Fitment
Our popular 5" Combination Analog Speedometer/Tachometer has now been updated to expand its fitment bringing these popular features to many more models.

10/09/2012Motorcycle Covers

Harley-Davidson offers a full line of motorcycle covers designed specifically to fit Harley-Davidson motorcycles. These new Harley-Davidson branded covers feature a unique cinching system that gathers excess material to accommodate smaller vehicles.

10/09/2012The Burst Collection

Available October 2012
Break from tradition and add your own special style with our one-of-a-kind design from The Burst Collection. This hard-edged collection enables you to take your ride in a new direction. Featuring a rich mixture of tuxedo black, highlighted with a unique machined pattern, providing a brilliant raw aluminum surface. Various components add to the collection, some featuring a black-filled Bar & Shield logo that ties the look together. The resulting combination of contrasting edges makes a powerful visual statement that complements both classic and contemporary customizing styles. The Burst Collection components create an impact all by themselves but can also be seamlessly combined with Edge Cut and other gloss black accessories to complete the look.

01/09/2012Digital Touring Suspension Air Pump

Model P/N: 54000033
The Digital Touring Suspension Air Pump is the perfect solution if you want to maintain the quality of your ride while on the road. This lightweight, yet durable, hand-held pump is small enough to easily fit into a travel bag. Now, you can pullover on the side of the road and make air pressure adjustments in your Touring air shocks in a matter of minutes. Rigorously tested to meet Harley-Davidson standards, this is the only digital suspension air pump on the market.


MODEL P/Ns: 55800180, 55800182 and 55800181
Unique to Harley-Davidson, the new Easy Squeeze Reduced Clutch Reach Handlebar solves the problem of clutch lever effort/ reach. This new product makes it easier for you to operate the clutch. The offset clutch side grip allows you to move your hand closer to the grip so the clutch lever is easier to reach with a stronger part of your hand.


Born to be wild
By combining Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories with the new Hard Candy Custom™ paint sets, you can create your own individual masterpiece. You can let your imagination run wild with almost limitless parts and accessorisation options. Whether you just want to add a little bling or mix and match to transform your ride into something truly remarkable, we have the Parts & Accessories you need to create a Hard Candy Custom™ style that’s all your own.

10/08/2012Core Series Custom Paint Sets

Two Exciting New Additions
You want your Harley-Davidson motorcycle to reflect your personality, and the best way to achieve this is with our new Custom Paint sets – they offer the ultimate in customization. This dynamic collection of custom designs is styled to complement the heritage of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The two new additions to our Core Series Paint line-up, “Hard Candy Flake” and “Divide,” will turn your ride into your own works of art.

01/08/2012Performance Sportswear

Sportswear built with fabrics designed to give you greater comfort is a must if you’re to play or ride at your optimum. You need clothes that regulate your body temperature, no matter what the weather. And as we’re heading into the warmer weather riding months, it’s exactly what you need to clock up the miles on your bike.

28/05/2012FXRG® High Performance Riding Gear

FXRG riding apparel is the best you’ll find. It’s the highest performance gear offered in the MotorClothes® line...

23/04/2012Check Your Helmet

There’s no room for compromise with helmets. They’re a serious piece of safety gear and need to be carefully selected.

26/03/2012Anti-fog Performance Eyewear

If you want to look great, and avoid lenses that mist over, you’ll love our performance eyewear line including anti-fog lenses on all performance styles.


A Versatile Layering Solution for Climate Control
Now you can custom build your perfect riding jacket. We know it's not a one jacket fits all solution. The new men's...