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Daylight at Midnight

Safe night riding is about seeing and being seen... and nothing punches through the dark like H-D Daymaker™ LED headlamps.

The difference between Daymaker™ LED headlamps and traditional filament headlamps is like the difference between night and day. Brighter, whiter and clearer light helps to illuminate the road from curb-to-curb much further along the road ahead.

Riding with H-D Daymaker™ LED headlamps will help you see the night in a whole new light.

We have an LED lighting upgrade to fit any one of the bikes within our range, click 'Find Your Daymaker™' to discover the upgrade for your Harley.

Click here to compare the all new Daymaker™ LED lights with stock lighting

H-D Daymaker™ LED headlamps don’t just illuminate the road like no other headlamps, they’re energy efficient and longer lasting - with an average life of 40,000 hours … and that’s a lot of riding.

Whether you want to save money, save the planet or just ride safely - H-D Daymaker™ LED headlamps have the edge over traditional lighting.